Old dairy entry - 2006

I was reading my old dairy today and I found an entry that was quite full on. It was relating every single line of a song's lyrics with how I felt by underlining it with a sentence of my own... All I can say about it now is: I am glad that this was 2006 and that I no longer feel like that.

Bright Eyes - Black Comedy

Once I gave a look to you but you never gave it back
That is normally how it goes
So here I stand expressionless, 
I can not talk about it
but my memory’s intact 
Playing like a movie on a loop, again and again in my head. 
I guess the past is good for a laugh
If I make a joke about it first, you can't
A comedy so dry and black that it makes my stomach hurt so bad
Oh yes, that's my life 
I cried, so two thumbs up we give this one,
The tears forever present
despite it’s predictable ending,
Everything always ends in the same way 
The dialogue seemed rushed and wrong 
That is me in a panic 
but the actors did their best to place some worth on every word, 
Everyone lies and says it'll be fine 
like coffins dropped into the earth, 
In my dreams, you are alive 
the saddest song we ever heard, we sang along,
The darkness is so familiar now, isn't it? 
we sang: Take this weight away, 
Please, let me be able to breathe again 
take this weight away... 
Sometimes you just can't breathe 

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