One Sided Friendship

Can a one sided friendship really work out?

I have friend that always comes to me for advice but I would never ask him for advice. I think that's the definition of one sided. I sometimes feel like unless I am his friend - he won't have any friends. Whereas, if he's not my friend anymore I don't think that it will make that much of a difference in my life. That might sound harsh but that's how I feel sometimes.

We don't really share any life experiences. We grew up in different family settings and had very different growing up experiences. He didn't really go through the normal teenage years. I'm not saying that I did but our teenage years was very different to one another. He still lives with his family, I live in a different country from mine.

When we do spend time together we mostly hang out at my place. We rarely do things together. When we do spend time together we mostly talk about him and his need to get a girl or how he feels about work of whatever. We don't really have any meaningful or deep connections or conversations.

I feel like in the five or six years that we have known each other - we have grown apart. I feel like I have grown up and he hasn't changed. I was a teenager when we became friends and then we had more  in common that what we have know...

So the big question is can a one sided friendship work or not?

Maybe... Maybe not

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