How to live a cheap life

So at the moment I am trying, well failing to try to live a cheap life.

Mostly it consists of me thinking "Do I really need to buy this?" and trying to evaluate my choices more. But trying to live the cheap life is hard in an expensive city.

The first plan would be to cut out unnecessary spending - however, this seems to be quite hard. I never shop for clothes (mostly will do this when my parents are around and not really something I spend money on - on my own). So that won't work, fail.

The second plan would be to cut down on beauty things, like make up etc. However, I can be argue that the same thing as with clothes. That it is not really something that I spend that much money on. I rarely by make up and when I do it is normally something that I need, not really one for buying flashy or expensive stuff. So that won't work, fail.

Then I thought to myself, what are my bad habits and how can I cut down on them? We all have out vices in terms of food we eat that isn't healthy for us. This is surely something that I can cut down on? Turns out it is easier said than done. Will I fail?

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Ragados said...

Some of my usual tricks:

DeTox - Stop drinking Alcohol for x weeks.

Go out less - impose a limit on the number of times you go out a week

Packed lunch - Stop buying lunch, bring in something you make at home (microwaveable leftovers, soup, sandwiches)