No Night On The Town

Going out, a night on the town, going clubbing - all of this takes effort and I really do not do it as often as I should. These are the years - when you are young when you should be doing this. Don't get me wrong I am not saying I should do this just because, I do enjoy it when I eventually get out there. But there are so many convincing reasons as why not to:

- After a long week I admit,  I am lazy and comfortable. Dinner and a glass of wine or two in front of the telly, seconds away from my own bed just seems so much more attractive
- London is a big town, getting home past the last tube is a Project. There will be at least 2 night buses, 20 minutes of total wait in freezing winds and a good hour of travel time.
- Going out and traveling home cost money, in a city that is quite expensive

Why I should go out:

- See new things and hear new music
- Meet new people
- Becoming a little bit more independent (maybe it is time to go to a acoustic gig or a poetry night in the middle of the week on my own?)

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