The Gym

As you may know I've recently taken up training (at the gym) again. I went to 4 sessions last week and have completed 3 sessions this week but are contemplating to go to two more session. I usually go to the sessions that are a bit dance like, choreography and less strength and lifting weights.
I used to go quite frequently when I went to school, so this is not a new thing. Since I've recently picked up this good habit again some of my thoughts about going to the gym has returned.

One thing, that I've realized about going to the gym is that there are different types of persons regarding socializing at the gym.

A.) People who go to the gym with their friends and who'll talk loudly about personal gossip in the changing rooms and if they are obnoxious they'll continue their loud gossiping during warm up and stretching parts of the session.

B.) People who go to the gym alone, but seem to know everyone there. In the changing rooms they wave to people and chit-chat about normal things (family, work and shopping bargains). They'll also go up to the instructor/trainer of the session and talk before the beginning of the session.

C.) People, like me, who'll just mind my own business. I'll change quietly, get up to the session and I'll might read a book and listen to some music while I wait for the session to start.

I've also discovered that I (without realizing it) view the gym as a place for me to be by myself and collect my thoughts and just being alone in a crowd of people. I find it relaxing to just be quite and work out. Recently I've met people I know at the gym, even going to the same sessions as me. I find that a bit stressful, them trying to be nice and chit-chat about stuff when I just really want to be quite and amongst people that I don't know.

What type of gym person are you? or What type of work outs do you do?

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Jim said...

I go to work out on limited time with the usual routine including a set pace or tempo watching the clock, counting or going by the electronic readout at that station.
Occasionally other people will start a conversation while this is taking place usually disrupting the concentration or tempo.
I like to work out without interruption and socialize afterward at the coffee shop!

Drizzle Kid said...

I'll have to agree with you. Working out is something one should do without socializing to collect ones thoughts. The coffee shop afterward sounds nice!