To do

I have the longest to-do-list these coming weeks, which is not the best situation to be in. I think I'm going to try and tick off following from my list today:

  • Take some photos
  • Organize and delete old photos on my laptop
  • Go to the library
  • Write a letter (to print and send tomorrow)
I have a a heap load of things I need to do before Florence and London and the weeks are spinning by so rapidly. After London it's pretty much going to be summer and a lot of things will be slowed down by summer holidays and people taking out vacation and after summer there is a trip to Rome and then probably I'll move to London. So there is to say the least a lot to do.

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Jim said...

The "to do list" is a great idea for organization and time management! Unfortunately it's hard to stick to...I purchased three dry erase boards for that purpose, one for personal priorities, one for work and one for leisure activities. I'd compete and delete some tasks while uncompleted things remained on the lists, soon all three boards were too full to add new tasks to, lol!