I'm still at work. After work I'm going to the gym to workout (time to become a skinny bitch), then I'm going to buy a cultural book and after that I'm going home to make dinner for my mum (who's feeling a bit under the weather).
And after that a friend of mine will come over for vegetable sticks and homemade dip. We aren't even going out.
This is what a grown up person I've become lately. I get up in the morning and eat omelette. Some time soon I might take up knitting as a hobby too.
All my age anxiety over turning twenty is really taken an odd but useful form.

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BunnyWizard said...

I'm very familliar with this, but it just seems to come and go. It's awfuly tiring. Some days I wish I could be 16 again, some days I'd like to be 24 like my boyfriend becasue it seems like people take him more seriously, and sometimes I'm happy, very happy just being twenty. Make a cup of tea, do some yoga and read blogs. You just have to make the most use of your days. Hummm.